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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Trackables on the Move!


They’re on the move! The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Trackables are making their way into the hands of geocachers across North America. As the colorful Heffley Family themed tags move from geocache to geocache, you can keep an eye out for them and help the Heffleys find their lost luggage!

Greg, Rodrick, Manny, Mom, and Dad have hit the road, but they’ve lost a few things along the way. Can you help them find what they’re missing?

The Heffleys need your help finding 6,000 Wimpy Kid trackables hidden across North America. Each trackable features an item the Heffleys have lost. When you find a Wimpy Kid trackable, use the code to log it and then keep it moving by putting it in another geocache. Make sure you log it to see how far your trackable goes! When you place it in a geocache, others will have a chance to help the Heffleys, too!

wimpy kid little

When you find and move (or discover) a Diary of a Wimpy Kid Trackable, you’ll get a cool trackable icon to add to your list of trackables:

 wimpy kid icon


What adventures will the Heffleys get into on the road? Find out when Greg Heffley and his family hit the road in author-illustrator Jeff Kinney’s latest installment in the phenomenally bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul arrives in stores on November 4, 2014, and is available for preorder.


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Get ready for GIFF 2014!

GIFF 2014 is on August 15 at Gas Works park in Seattle.

Get ready for the 2014 Geocaching International Film Festival!

This year at the Geocaching International Film Festival we received 60 entries from over 15 different countries. After the team of Geocaching HQ judges carefully reviewed each entry, we are excited to announce the 16 finalists that will be screened at the second annual GIFF on August 15 in Seattle!

Congratulations to:

Geocaching in Canada
Toronto, Canada

First to Find – The Woodland Hunt
United Kingdom

La Búsqueda (The Search)
Ciales, Puerto Rico

C9 H13 NO3 (Adrenaline)

Love Geocaching
Lille, France

Geocaching Therapy
L’Avanguardia Team
Milan, Italy

Luenen, Germany

Toronto, Canada

The Two Mountains
Miami, Florida, USA

The Deadliest Cache
TheHunting Yoshi
Akershus, Norway

The Lonely Cacher
Bronx, New York, USA

The Ubercache
Duck Muscle
New York, New York, USA

How to Geocache in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand

Geocaching with Sasquatch
Frisky Biscuits
Seattle, Washington, USA

Remember the Fallen
Folsom, California, USA

Spend a Little Time With You
Albany, Oregon, USA

These films will screen at Gas Works Park in Seattle, WA from 8-10pm (psst… this is the night before the Geocaching Block Party). Log your Will Attend here!

After the screening we will announce the winners for the following awards:

  • Most Creative
  • Funniest Film
  • Most Adventurous
  • Most Inspirational
  • Best Cinematography
  • Audience Award (to be determined via text vote at the event!)

And, hey look! Here is one of our graphic designers, Roxxy, working on the awards now!

Geocaching HQ Designer Roxxy working on the awards.

Geocaching HQ Designer Roxxy working on the awards.

So grab that picnic blanket and meet us at Gas Works Park on August 15th where you’ll find new friends, ice cream, and incredible geocaching films!

Gas Works

This just happens to be my favorite park in Seattle.

Check out these stills from some of the finalists:

Geocaching in Thailand

How to Geocache in Thailand by RazMcCaz


C9 H13 NO3 (Adrenaline) by Peter!

Spend a little time with you

Spend a Little Time with You by HurricaneBrain

Geocaching with Sasquatch

Geocaching with Sasquatch by Frisky Biscuits


And one last thing:

We wanted to give a shoutout to everyone who submitted films this year! The judging was incredibly hard and we were impressed with the amount of amazing work we saw. Thanks again for submitting your films and we hope to see more from you next year.

Find your knight in shining armor. — Castle Northmoor (GCX612) — Geocache of the Week

Geocaching HQ's own knight in shining armor, Bryan, victoriously makes the find.

Geocaching HQ’s own knight in shining armor, Bryan, victoriously makes the find.

Geocache Name:

Castle Northmoor (GCX612)

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

There’s hidden history all around us—and geocaching is a perfect way to discover it. Seeking out this geocache will bring you to a castle tower—no, not in Europe—in Kansas City. While Missouri isn’t traditionally known for its castles, this tower has been bringing joy to geocacher’s faces since 2006. The tower itself was constructed in 1980 by Harlan Shaver, which included the structure as well as the intricate carvings throughout the interior. For a more detailed history, the geocache page even has a phone number to call for a guided tour.

What the geocache owner, SunshineWalker, has to say:

“I was inspired to place this cache because the property owner used to walk at E. H. Young Park in Riverside, MO. (the town next to Northmoor)…He told me about a strange Tupperware container he had found in the bushes. He said it had notes and little doodads in it.  The container also had the Geocaching Logo and website information. I was curious and looked it up on the computer.  It was a cache that had been lost and Larry’s dog found it.

I got very interested and took my family to several local caches. I still walked in the park with Larry [the property owner] and he told me about his father. The more I heard, the more I wanted to see it. When I saw the castle tower I knew I had to make it a cache site.  Larry has been quite nice about sharing his property and he loves telling visitors about his artistic mother and stonemason father who built the tower.

I’ve really enjoyed the geocaching community and loved creating caches…It was great to take the family on hikes in places we would have never visited and look for treasure. A few years ago we even went to a cache on an island in the middle of the Kansas River. The kids LOVED the adventure, but we were a muddy mess! Fortunately the river was quite low and we waded most of the way.

I think Geocachers are some of the nicest and most interesting people I’ve ever met. They love adventure and are willing to search for hours in the dark for a camo box with penny trinkets in it. How devoted and determined! (The poison ivy generally doesn’t show up for two or three days.)”


What geocachers are saying:

“Found this cache thanks to the recommendation from a local friend. I was visiting from Seattle. Wow, what an amazing experience…It’s amazing to me that I never would have had this experience if not for geocaching. For this I am most grateful.” — Bryan

“This amazing cache was about 6 miles from our hotel, and it was well worth the trip. This place is amazing! Such amazing detail! I was glad that I made the trip out here! This one gets a favorite point for sure. I will be recommending this cache to anyone that travels to Kansas City. TFTC!” – croling

“This is one of my favorite caches to date. A further treasure was the builder’s son was nearby and told us much about the man who built the tower…Great geocache! Thanks for the cache owner and the property owner!” – Jawman173



Castle Northmoor in all its glory. Photo by geocacher Unitzoid

Castle Northmoor in all its glory. Photo by geocacher Unitzoid

The Knight of Castle Northmoor. Photo by geocacher *pixie

The Knight of Castle Northmoor. Photo by geocacher *pixie

Hand-carved details on the door. Photo by geocacher Iscandar

Hand-carved details on the door. Photo by geocacher Iscandar

If King Arthur were alive today and wanted to go geocaching with you, which geocache would you take him to and why?


Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog.

If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks!

It’s Always Sunny in Geocaching HQ


There’s some serious Geocaching going on in this family.

Brothers Sterling and Ethan are avid geocachers, and it seems to run in the family. Their mother, Candice, wanted to teach a Geocaching unit to the 120 students in her school’s gifted children program. At the time, though, there simply weren’t enough caches within walking distance of the school.


It’s always sunny at Geocaching HQ.
Sterling and Ethan are pictured in the middle, with dad David in the center back, and mom Candice on the far left.

Like a true geocacher, Sterling came to the rescue.

Once he had 100 finds, Sterling hid four geocaches that his mother could take her students to. The class was undoubtedly a success. Within several months, many of the students had over 100 finds (and their parents were getting in on it too). Sterling and his younger brother Ethan maintain their caches carefully, and Sterling himself now has over 200 finds, with 250 in sight.

We were so excited that Sterling, Ethan, Candice, and David decided to spend the day at Geocaching HQ…especially since it was Sterling’s 10th birthday. Happy birthday Sterling, and best of luck to everyone!




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