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August Goes to the Mega-Events

Are you a Mega Geocacher?  August is awash with Geocaching Mega-Events around the world. A Mega-Event connects hundreds or even thousands of adventurers from every level of geocaching. Those who walk into a Mega-Event step into adventure, family-friendly activities and, of course, all things geocaching. Whether you’re excited about finding your first geocache or you’ve already found each of the 2.1 million caches hidden around the world*, attending a Mega-Event is sure to be fun. And there’s a Mega-Event every geocacher should plan to attend at least once: the Geocaching Block Party in Seattle. If you’re joining thousands of your geocaching friends for the [...]

31 Consecutive Days of Geocaching? Challenge Accepted

Some will call us crazy. Others will say we’ve lost our minds. Our grandmothers may even go so far to say we’re off our rockers. But we, the Geocaching HQ staff, consider ourselves audacious…with a sprinkle of scrappy thrown in the mix. Why? Because when asked about 31 days of (consecutive!) geocaching, we said “challenge accepted.” Partner Programs Manager Annie Love (Username: Love) says, “My longest streak before this was 10 days so this is a good challenge to top that. If I can succeed that will definitely be a thumbs up moment! I will be setting myself calendar reminders everyday to [...]

50 First Dates: How to Hook Your Friends into Geocaching

Boy meets girl. Boy falls for girl. Girl forgets about boy. Boy asks girl on yet another ‘first’ date. Multiply this by 50 and you get the plot of the Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore chick flick sensation 50 First Dates. Sometimes – between stumbling across a less-than-spectacular geocache and  landing a poorly-timed DNF – getting your friends and family to share your love of geocaching can also take 50 first dates. Or at least it used to. We’ve asked the geocaching community for their best advice on how to turn 50 first dates into geocaching love-at-first-sight. The first step [...]

Name that geocache: What size is this?

Deciding the size of your geocache can be a bit like ordering a coffee drink from your local coffee-snob barista—overwhelming!  Before you’ve even had your caffeine pick-me-up, you are forced to decide whether you would like a Short, Tall, Grande, Venti, or even Trenta (yes, “Trenta” is now a real size). Choosing the correct size for your geocache can be just as tricky. What is the difference between “Regular and Small”? What in the world is a “Nano”? What does it mean when a geocache is labelled as “Other”? Knowing the answers to these questions can make all the difference in getting [...]

Share Your Waymarking Adventures

Reveal the hidden world around you with Unlock unique locations in more than 1000 categories like Scenic Railroads, Last of its Kind or even Ginormous Every Objects. Anyone with a profile automatically has a free profile. Simply use your username and password on Often times players combine both activities when they’re exploring another country or just down the block. Waymarking, like geocaching, offers a sense of discovery that’s waiting just outside your front door. provides tools for players to catalog, mark, and visit interesting landmarks and locations. Adventures around the world use waymarking to [...]

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