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Geocacher Competes in the 2012 Olympics

Portuguese Olympian João Costa embodies his username. It’s “Neverfail1” That tenacity leads João to find an average of 2.5 geocaches day. He joined in April of 2011 and has accumulated more than 1200 finds. The spirit of “never fail” also led João to the 2012 Summer Games in London. These are his fourth Olympic games. The Portuguese Air Force Sergeant competes in Shooting. He ranked 7th in his first event: Men’s 10m Air Pistol. And he’s not the only geocacher at the Olympic Games. João says, “My coach is and I know two more shooters, I’m sure there are [...]

Geocoinfest Lisboa 2012

By: Lackey – Annie Love (Love) What do the inventor of the Geocoin, one of the oldest cities in the world and a night time cycling tour have in common? They are all aspects of a unique Mega-Event known as Geocoinfest. Geocoinfest Lisboa 2012 (GC3N1YQ) takes place in just about three weeks in the capital of Portugal. It promises to be an exciting event and I’m thrilled to get the opportunity to attend. This will be my fifth Geocoinfest Mega-Event I’ve attended and yet another opportunity to connect with the amazing community. I enjoy working with geocachers and Geocoins every [...] Presents: Celebrate the Geocaching Community’s Volunteers

[Click CC for subtitles in English, German, Portuguese and Swedish] Discover the geocaching community volunteers who help power your adventure.  Volunteers give their time and talent, representing nearly 40 countries around the globe.  Watch the latest Geocaching Presents video to find more about the volunteer experience. The game would not be the same without their dedication, guidance, and commitment to geocaching.  Leave a message for your local volunteers below! Entdecke die ehrenamtlichen Helfer, die Dir Dein Erlebnis auf ermöglichen.  Es gibt über 400 ehrenamtliche Reviewer, Foren-Moderatoren und Übersetzer auf Sie stellen in fast 40 Ländern ihre Zeit und [...]

A FENDA [Bombarral] GCW5EA – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – June 18, 2012

The Geocache of the Week  inspires a rappelling adventure into caverns in Portugal and reveals a glimpse into the distant past. A FENDA [Bombarral] (GCW5EA) is rated a difficulty 3, terrain 5 cache. It lures geocachers with the promise to discover caves that were once home to Neanderthals. Miguelrk + João + Inês placed the regular sized cache in the location in 2006. The cache page, written in Portuguese, warns geocachers that the trek to find this geocache can be dangerous. Safety precautions and the right equipment are mandatory. The experience is unforgettable. The geocache has won local awards. A [...]

11 Years! Oeiras

Nota do editor: No decorrer deste ano, os Lackeys da Groundspeak estão a viajar milhares de quilómetros a partir da sua sede (o HQ) para participar e espalhar boa disposição em mais de uma dezena de Mega-Eventos espalhados pelo mundo. Nate, também conhecido por Nate the Great, foi uma das presenças no Mega-Evento 11 Years! Oeiras – Portugal que teve lugar a 1 de Maio em Lisboa, Portugal. Nate é Lackey desde 2003 e coordena o desenvolvimento de novas funcionalidades na Groundspeak. Este é o seu diário de viagem: Estou a mais de 12000 Km de casa e entre 500 [...]

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