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The Secret Double Lives of Geocaching Containers

Even though some geocache containers seem like they were handcrafted specifically for geocaching, most of them have been repurposed from something else. With things like Ammo cans, it’s pretty obvious what they used to be. For others, it requires a little bit of a deeper look into history:   Those Small, Clear Geocache Tubes aka Preform PET Tubes These small, waterproof, durable containers are perfect for micro-sized geocaches. They can be attached to different camouflage and will last a long time. Plus, the larger tubes can hold both a logbook and a pencil. But their story isn’t just geocaching. In [...]

Time to Phone-a-Friend: Sometimes hiding a geocache takes two

2 x 2 Makers and Hiders Unite It takes all kinds to make geocaching the quirky, wonderful, interesting hobby/game/community that it is right now. Some like to solve puzzles, others like to trek across mountains; some are serial geocache finders, and others are serial geocache hiders. Altogether, these different types make for a healthy (and fun!) geocaching ecosystem. Within this geocaching ecosystem, I’ve always considered myself your everyday, traditional finder—like moss (a little bit boring), but surely important for some unknown, ecological reason. That is, I used to think of myself like moss. Then, a few months ago, I attended [...]

The Madness After Maker Madness

Get ready to find some amazing geocaches this summer! When geocache makers go mad, you’re the real winner. Get this.  From March 28 – April 7, over 21,000 geocachers in more than 50 countries took the Maker Pledge.  By signing this pledge, geocachers around the world promised to “live and breathe by Favorite Points, obtain joy from long and in-depth logs, perform maintenance when it’s needed (and before), inspire geocachers with photos and stories of your hides, and most of all, hide innovative and creative geocaches.” When these new pledges hide a geocache, there will be thousands of mind-blowing, stunning, life-altering [...]

Geocaching HQ joins in the Maker Madness

By: Maria McDonald The Seattle geocaching community came through strong with over  100 attendees at the recent Maker Madness event hosted by Geocaching HQ. This HQ sponsored event added to the 970 other Maker events spanning more than 50 countries around the world to celebrate something truly special – the amazing ingenuity of our geocache makers! Here’s a quick re-cap on the HQ Maker Madness event in Seattle. The event kicked off with a quick hello and welcome from Founders Jeremy Irish and Bryan Roth, who were then followed by nine enthusiastic speakers (including six of our very own HQ staff!) [...]

New Video: How to Hide a Geocache

  Words, words, words, who needs them when you’re staring at a fresh-out-of-the-oven video about How to Hide a Geocache?Check out the new video from Geocaching HQ that’s full of easy-to-use ideas and tips for placing a well-loved geocache. The payoff for the maker (you?) of a cleverly hidden geocache comes from “Found it!” logs containing heaps of praise for the inspirational adventure and lifelong memories. Well done! Quick check: Still reading? Haven’t watched this video yet? Okay, here are some more words. After the success of Geocaching Maker Madness, with nearly 1000 events around the world, Geocaching HQ wants to set you up for [...]

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