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Your Next Geocaching Vacation – Peru

Alane Brown created the In the Andes of Perú GeoTour. It’s the first GeoTour in South America and it very well may be the highest GeoTour on Earth, climbing more than 13,000 feet (4,000 meters) above sea level. The GeoTour is one of more than two dozen GeoTours around the globe. Here are Alane’s answers to questions from curious geocachers: Why did you create this GeoTour?  I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer assigned to one of the small towns in the Yanamarca Valley. (My town is Marco, population 1,700 and dropping.) I’m in the Environment program. We’re here to find ways to [...]

Tips for the Four-Season Geocacher

The Weather Outside is Frightful but… … geocaches don’t find themselves. It’s true. And we don’t want to live in a world where they actually do find themselves (didn’t you see the movie Terminator?). So the question is, how do you brave the winter (or summer if you’re in a sizzling hot climate) and still feed your need for smileys? We’ve got you covered.We talked to a geocacher with a streak of more than 700 straight days of finding a geocache. There’s been extreme heat, snowy whiteouts and pouring rain. Jon Stanley, better known as Moun10Bike, tells all about geocaching [...]

How to Spell Geocaching “Inspiration”

You won’t find GOTW and GOTM in any “normal” dictionary, just like your won’t find TFTC or BYOP. But we geocachers speak our own language of adventure. GOTW and GOTM are what you need to stay on top of the latest hiding and finding trends and to see the adventurers who are shaping our growing geocaching community. GOTW and GOTM stand for “Geocache of the Week” and the “Geocacher of the Month.” Every Thursday, Geocaching HQ selects a much-loved and creative geocache from the 2.2 million active geocaches hidden around the globe. It’s then featured on The Geocaching Blog. The Geocache of the [...]

14 Geocaching New Year’s Resolutions Revealed for 2014

The year is now 2014. You probably know that. If not, well, let us be the first to wish you a Happy New Year! And what’s a new year, without a few new goals? For 2014, we’ve collected 14 New Year’s resolutions for geocachers from the global geocaching community. Everyone’s resolution is different, but we bet there’s at least one for you. We hope this list inspires you to push yourself to explore more, see new locations, meet new people, and of course, find more geocaches. 1)   Host or attend a geocaching event   2)   Create a creative geocache that will earn [...]

10th Anniversary of the EarthCache

    Celebrate the 10th birthday for a geocache type that often takes you tens of millions of years into the Earth’s past. For a decade, EarthCaches have delivered adventurers to the tops of mountains, to strange and unusual rock formations and into the the steaming, bubbling processes that created the Earth—all without a geocache container. Instead, geocachers must use their geological detective skills to uncover the answers to specific questions about the location. EarthCaching in 6 Bullet Points: 16,600 active EarthCaches worldwide (there’s probably one near you) The first EarthCache was published on January 10, 2004 Partnership with the Geological Society of America Found [...]

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