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Geocaching Finds Its Way To the Classroom

By: Kara Bonilla Teachers for all grade levels have begun to use the location-based treasure hunting adventure of geocaching as a teaching tool. Teachers say students learning through geocaching enjoy benefits far beyond learning outside of a classroom setting; geocaching makes learning more enjoyable and creates unforgettable learning opportunities for students. Ellis Reyes, a fifth grade teacher at West Mercer Elementary in Washington, USA, has been using geocaching in the classroom for the past two years. He integrates the activity into several subjects. Ellis hides different types of geocaches for his students to find on campus and in nearby local [...]

How Teens Discover Geocaching

By Kara Bonilla Ever think that the only things teenagers do are play video games, lay around, and complain? Think again. Teenagers worldwide have picked up on geocaching and their passion for the sport is only growing stronger with age. A recent survey shows nearly five percent of geocachers are 18 or younger, that’s still nearly a quarter of a million geocachers. Joey (jmilla210), 15, from California has been geocaching for two years. Joey has loved the game ever since he was first introduced to geocaching. He found his first cache with family members on Thanksgiving Day of 2009. When [...]

Refer a Friend – Help Kids Learn about GPS

This is Karla. She is a student at a low income elementary school in Texas and a member of the after-school technology club, Tech-Click. In 2009, Groundspeak was able to provide three GPS devices to Karla’s club through is an online charity that connects teachers with donors to fulfill classroom needs. These three GPS devices allowed Karla and others in her club to learn about latitude, longitude, spatial concepts and more. Karla sent us this letter to thank us for the donation: Now, you can help others like Karla learn about GPS technology simply by telling people about [...]

An Open Letter to Groundspeak – from an 11-Year-Old Geocacher

The world of an 11-year-old is a complex ecosystem of school, sports, family and play. In 2011, play as a kid seems to only involve the pollicis brevis and abductor pollicis longus muscle groups. Those are the muscles that move our thumbs, as in playing video games. But one 11-year-old is using his thumbs for something else. Evan works the buttons on a GPS device to hunt geocaches. He also recently picked up a pen and wrote a letter to Groundspeak. The fifth grader is an avid geocacher. Evan writes, “Me and my dad go caching a lot.” He describes [...]

“Mother says geocaching helps her autistic child” A Lost & Found Video

Beth Hurley’s nine-year-old son Ryan is autistic.  The disorder affects his social, developmental and self-care skills. While many children his age feel a sense of accomplishment on the sports field or in the school gym, Ryan’s mother says, he’s left out. The family found geocaching about a year ago.  They geocache under the name meandthekiddoz and already found more than 60 caches. Beth says geocaching offers Ryan an independent way to sense accomplishment, bond with his family and even lose weight. Watch Ryan and his family hit the geocaching trail in the latest Lost & Found video. You can explore [...]

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