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5 Tricks of the Trade for Geocaching with Kids

  Geocaching: Middle Schooler Tested and Approved By:  Maria McDonald. As a Geocaching HQ staffer often tethered to the office, I love it when the opportunity to be out in the community presents itself. Such an opportunity presented itself last week when a teacher (Username: Cache-alope) from a local after school science program (Pathways) asked me and Partner Programs Manager Annie Love (Love) to present geocaching to her middle school students. My immediate reaction: Middle schoolers?!? Oh no…anything but the awkward tween years. Luckily, my love of all things geocaching overcame these initial thoughts, and the opportunity to share my passion [...]

A Geocache 113 Million Years in the Making – Dinosaur Valley Earthcache (GCQMHY) – Geocache of the Week

  Millions of years ago, a sea covered a large portion of the land that is now the United States. During this time, dinosaurs called Sauropods and Theropods roamed North Texas. Some experts* say they were geocaching, potentially looking for terrain five geocaches. These giant reptiles left footprints in the soft mud that have been preserved for millions of years. And until this documentary becomes a (terrifying) reality, finding the Dinosaur Valley Earthcache (GCQMHY) might be as close as we can get to living dinosaurs. The dino footprints that you’ll see while you’re in the park were made about 113 [...]

5 years, 247 DNFs, 1 Find — A Real Challenge (GC1764C) Lives Up to Its Name

Editor’s Note: Updated in September 2013 with additional DNF numbers. In this week’s Geocaching Weekly Mailer, we talked about logging DNFs (did not find). While no one yearns to log a DNF, they’re a necessary part of the game. DNFs can mean all sorts of things: the geocache has been moved, needs maintenance, or in the case of A Real Challenge (GC1764C), it could mean that it’s incredibly hard to find. With 247 DNFs and only one find, A Real Challenge lives up to its name. In fact, it took nearly four years for the FTF. This geocache was hidden near Peoria, Illinois, [...]

Tessellated Pavement GCT7VH GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – September 10, 2012

Chasing rainbows might just lead you to one of the most popular geocaches in Tasmania. Tessellated Pavement (GCT7VH) delivers cachers to a geological phenomenon. The rock along the beach has fractured into tile shapes. Snuva hid a geocache near this location in 2006. The difficulty 1.5, terrain 1.5 traditional cache rests in an area rich with natural beauty and creative names for natural formations, “… less than 10 minute return walk will take you to this natural pavement. Although this pavement doesn’t have a cafe, some of the names of rock formations will definitely have you thinking geologists think about [...]

Babies, Puppies, and Kids Love Geocaching

You know who loves geocaching? Babies. And puppies. And kids. And Abraham Lincoln. And the whole wide world. See for yourself: Subscribe to the official YouTubechannel to be one of the first to see new videos about the evolving world of geocaching. Watch the more than 50 videos produced by on our video page.  

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