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[Click CC for Closed Captioning in English, German, French, Norwegian, and Bulgarian] Spend less time planning and more time playing! Explore the 10 reasons to become a Premium Member on It costs as little as a cup of coffee a month and supports the activity you love. Premium Members unlock a suite of features like advanced search (Pocket Queries), have VIP access to Premium Member only caches, and even receive instant notifications of new cache placements. Subscribe to the Official YouTube channel for the latest tips and tricks in geocaching. Watch the more than 100 videos produced by [...]

GC77 Germany’s First Geocache – A Presentation

[Click CC for Closed Captioning - Klicke auf CC für Untertitel] Watch this video to see the story behind the first geocache in Germany. It started a craze that’s led to a quarter million active geocaches. Back on October 2, 2000 the owner of a brand new GPS device decided to try an experiment. He hid a geocache. Ferenc loaded the coordinates and a description onto He wondered if anyone might have heard of this new GPS-powered treasure-hunt. Days and weeks passes. Ferenc says he lost interest in geocaching. Years passed, and eventually he wondered if anyone had ever [...] Presents: Swamp Caching

[Click CC for Closed Captioning in French, Swedish, Norweigen, Italian, Bulgarian, German, and English] Geocaching is about zeroing in on the coordinates, even if the direction leads you into the heart of a swamp. Watch “Swamp Caching” for a trek into the wilds of the Florida Everglades. It’s a caching adventure like no other. Adventurers encounter rare flowers, wild coffee, exotic birds, and even alligators (at a safe distance). Florida geocacher, Lorriebird, takes an expedition into the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park to search for her difficulty 2, terrain 3 geocache, K2. The cache was placed with permission from Florida State [...]

Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Trackables – A Presentation

(Click the ‘CC‘ button to watch the video with subtitles) [Klicke auf dem "CC"-Button, um das Video mit Untertiteln] Trackables let you experience an epic journey, one story and one geocache at a time. Each log from your Trackable is a page in a digital diary. You can see exotic locations, read entries of your Trackable‘s travels, and connect with the geocachers who carry your Trackable from geocache to geocache. Trackables lassen Dich eine abenteuerliche Reise erleben, eine Geschichte und ein Geocache zu einem Zeitpunkt. Jedes Log Deines Trackables ist eine Seite in einem digitalen Reisetagebuch. Du kannst [...] Presents: 2012 Geocaching Block Party

(Click the ‘CC’ button to watch the video with subtitles in: English, German, French, Swedish, and Bulgarian) Watch this video to experience the caching excitement of the Geocaching Block Party.  The Mega-Event is held outside the Headquarters each year on International Geocaching Day.  Folks that love geocaching joined the “Lackeys” that run the website. A crowd of more than 2,000 made the journey the log the Block Party on August 18, 2012. The event challenged adventurers with geocaching courses, delighted children with a pirate play area, and allowed geocachers from more than a dozen countries to meet and [...]

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