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Geocaching Year in Review

[Click CC for subtitles] Watch the new Geocaching Year in Review video to see the geocaching highlights of 2012. With geocaches found more than 68 million times in 2012, last year could be called the Year of “Found it.” And that’s just caches—thousands of geocachers spent Leap Day, International Geocaching Day and 12-12-12 attending events, meeting other geocachers, along with finding geocaches. We also watched our community grow to new heights as you shared the adventure of geocaching with friends and family. We’re excited about what’s ahead in 2013. We’re approaching two million active geocaches. That’s two million adventures for [...]

Geocaching HQ Presents: The Geocacher of the Month

NOMINATE A GEOCACHER OF THE MONTH   They don’t speak the same language and they don’t all live on the same continent, but all of these geocachers above have something in common: they’re all united through their love of geocaching and the community it creates. They’re all Geocachers of the Month. If you know an outstanding geocacher who should be considered fill out this webform now. Every nomination must include the following items and abide by the following guidelines: Your name, the name of your nominee, their username A picture of the nominee Description explaining why he or she deserves to be the [...]

Global Geocaching on 12-12-12

[Click CC for captions] Join tens of thousands of geocachers on 12-12-12 as they tromp through snow,  brave chilling winds, or if they’re closer to equator or in the Southern Hemisphere – enjoy a nice sunny day on the beach. Geocachers united on 12-12-12 to celebrate caching, and record the last numerical alignment of day, month, and year this century. and four geocaching vloggers recorded the day. Nearly 70,000 geocachers from around the world log a “Found it” or attended an event on 12-12-12. Every one of the geocachers, or geocaching teams earned a special digital souvenir for their [...] Presents: Space Coast Geocaching Store

[Click CC for Subtitles] Click to watch a rare geocaching adventure. It’s part club house, part dream destination for avid geocachers. Space Coast Geocaching Store is the only full-time walk-in geocaching store in the United States. The Space Coast Geocaching Store is the hub of activity in eastern Florida. Caching supplies, from Geocoins to cache containers, stretch wall to wall. Plus the store offers one of the largest active geocaches you’ll find in plain sight. Dale n Barb own Space Coast Geocaching Store. The Florida geocachers also hosts events and have been nominated as Featured Geocachers of the Month on the official [...]

A 12-12-12 Video Featuring You!

12-12-12 only happens once every hundred years, so we’re celebrating the best way we know how – by geocaching! We’re asking you to be one of the many cachers who will join us to celebrate not only the date, but also the activity we all love. There are plenty of ways to join in: get outside and log a find, attend one of the many geocaching events being held around the world or come up with your own special celebration. We’ll be commemorating the day with a special video project that you can be a part of. Due to our [...]

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