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Category Archives: Videos Spoiler Alert: Schrader’s Ode to Dayspring

Watch this Spoiler Alert video for cache hiding inspiration. The video was shot with cache owner permission.  ‘Schrader’s Ode to Dayspring‘ (GC3NREC) requires a TOTT (tool of the trade). The cache owner, “Herr Potter” was inspired by another geocacher’s creative hides. The cache is an Ode to Dayspring’s Totally Tubular series. The geocache is located along a bike trail in Washington State, USA. Subscribe to the Official YouTube channel for the latest tips and tricks in geocaching. Watch the more than 50 videos produced by on our video page.

Geocaching on the River – Presents

[Click CC for English, French, Italian, Bulgarian and Czech subtitles] Watch this video to float along with a group of Czech geocachers as they navigate through fast-moving water on the river, and navigate to geocaches on shore. River geocaching Event Caches take adventures on a unique journey – often involving camping, cooking over a bonfire, and of course caching. This annual river caching event in the Czech Republic grows each year. Watch the video to see why, and gather ideas for your own river caching Event Cache in your part of the world. Subscribe to the official YouTube channel [...] Presents: Finding a Trackable – What to Do?

Watch this video to show you what to do when you encounter Trackables in a geocache. Learn the two options you can choose from to help make the most of a Trackable’s journey. Trackables add an exciting dimension of world exploration to the hobby. Each Trackable has a unique code that allows its movements to be tracked on The Trackable’s owner can drop it in a cache and then watch as geocachers help the Trackable wander the globe by moving it from cache to cache. Most Trackables are assigned goals that direct them to specific areas.   Interested [...]

2012 Geocaching Block Party Invitation – Presents

You’re invited to the 2012 Geocaching Block Party on August 18! The world is invited to Groundspeak HQ in Seattle, Washington USA to celebrate the global phenomenon of geocaching. Check out the cache page, and log your “Will Attend” to meet geocachers from around the world and talk with the Lackeys and Volunteer Reviewers who help power the experience. Each year, celebrates International Geocaching Day on the third Saturday in August by hosting the Geocaching Block Party. The Geocaching Block Party on August 18 runs from 11am to 3pm at Fremont’s Solstice Plaza by the JP Patches statue. [...] Spoiler Alert – The Air of Your Ways

Check out this Spoiler Alert video for a dose of caching inspiration. The video was shot with cache owner permission. The geocache is located in Washington State, USA. ‘The Air of Your Ways” is easy to find, but a tough cache to crack open. The cache owner frequently updates the cache page and lock to change the code required to access the cache. Explore the Air of Your Ways cache page, the cache is a Premium Member Only cache. Check out Premium Membership options. Subscribe to the official YouTube channel to be one of the first to see [...]

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