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Quiz Results: The Nature Lover

You are…The Nature Lover! You were voted “most likely to see Bigfoot” in your high school yearbook. You live for the days you can get out on the trail and leave civilization behind. Trail mix and energy bars are your go-to snacks.  You are happier spending all day hiking for just one (preferably T5) geocache than you would be finding 100. You’ll love this geocache: Apollos Pool with the Million Dollar View (GC13VNK) Your ultimate geocaching tools: Heading out for a day of hiking? Be prepared! Create a Pocket Query to find all the geocaches on the trail in advance. You [...]

Quiz Results: The Traveler

You are…The Traveler! You are your own Travel Bug. Your Profile page is plastered with photos of you exploring the 7 Wonders of the World. Who needs a guidebook when you have geocaching to show you all the locals’ favorite spots? You’ll love this geocache: Thingvellir Kastalar (GC3168K) Your ultimate geocaching tools: Caches Along a Route is your geocaching trip planner! Tell us your destination and your route and will tell you which geocaches are along the way. Be inspired to explore new places with Geocaching Souvenirs – gotta collect ‘em all! See the full list of your collected [...]

Quiz Results: The Stats Geek

You are…The Stats Geek!   Let’s be real. It is all about the numbers. You live for racking up those smileys. Finding 10 billion geocaches in just one day? Finding a geocache 365 days in a row? You say, bring it on. You’ll love this geocaching experience: ET Highway Power Trail Your ultimate geocaching tools: Smileys are just the tip of the iceberg. Track your D/T ratings, home location stats, geocache types found, and more on Your Statistics Page. Looking for even more crazy numbers to show off? Run your stats on GSAK and upload the information to your Profile. Quick Tip [...]

Quiz Results: The Social Butterfly

You are…The Social Butterfly! You are all about the geocaching community and Event Caches are totally your thing. You love meeting all of your fellow geocachers and have a knack for helping newbies fall in love with the game. You’ll love this geocache: 2014 Geocaching Block Party GC4CPG0 Your ultimate geocaching tools: Use the Geocaching Event Calendar to find all of the geocaching events scheduled around the world by date. Sign up for the Weekly Newsletter to receive a weekly list of the 10 most recently published Event Caches in your area. Quick Tip for  Social Butterflies: There are more than 1000 Geocaching [...]

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