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7 Souvenirs of August FAQ

I found all six souvenirs, but my achiever souvenir wasn’t issued? Visit your 7 Souvenirs of August Trophy Case to unlock your Achiever souvenir. I can’t see my friend’s/spounse’s/brother’s/pet’s 7 Souvenirs of August Trophy Case. What’s up with that? You can see all of the souvenirs that you friend/spouse/brother/pet has earned on their Public Profile under the Souvenirs tab. You can find their Public Profile using this tool. How do I delete these souvenirs? You can hide a souvenir from your Public Profile on by selecting the “Hide This” button below the souvenir you would like to remove on your Private [...]

Top 8 Tips for Maintaining Your Geocaching Streak

The month of August has a new name: the 31 Days of Geocaching. You’ll have the opportunity to earn a calendar-style souvenir for every day you find a geocache—that’s 31 new souvenirs just waiting for you. Plus, find a geocache on July 13 and you’ll get the special Geocaching Get Outdoors Day souvenir as well. Here’s your challenge: complete a full, month-long geocaching streak during August and earn all 31 souvenirs. It might sound easy, but maintaining a geocaching streak takes hard work, dedication and—above all else—motivation. Here are a few tips from geocaching experts to make your 31 Days [...]

Announcing the 2013 Cache In Trash Out Weekend

Cache In Trash Out Weekend We hear it all the time, “Geocachers are the nicest people!” It’s a wonderful compliment that good-hearted geocachers have earned for over a decade. Cache In Trash Out (CITO) weekend is just another example of geocachers giving back. Since 2002, tens of thousands of geocachers have cleaned up parks, trails and other geocaching-friendly destinations. Geocachers plan CITO events year round, but one weekend each year the global geocaching community unites to cleanup tons of trash together. The 11th Annual CITO weekend is scheduled for April 20, 21, and 22 2013. There will be hundreds of events to [...] Leap Day Updates

More than 70,000 geocachers from around the world celebrated Leap Day by stepping outside for a GPS-powered treasure hunt. Their motivation was an opportunity that comes once every four years — going geocaching on February 29. They joined friends and family to explore the world around them, exercise, and earn a digital reward. The Leap Day goal was ambitious. Geocachers rallied to double the number of accounts – 36,696 – that logged geocaches last Leap Day in 2008. Here are the latest numbers: Current Accounts w/Logged Caches: 83,516!   GOAL: 73,392 Updated: 2:30 pm PST – March 7, 2012 Share [...]

Help Decide the Next Souvenir

Over the past several weeks, has been releasing souvenirs for the U.S. and German states, special souvenirs and Mega-Event souvenirs to the geocaching community. More than 30 souvenirs are already available to geocachers. We’re scheduled to release six souvenirs each week into early 2011. Vote in the Souvenirs UserVoice forum to let Groundspeak know which souvenirs you’d like to see. We’re currently only accepting country suggestions. However, we are producing individual regions for several countries such as Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The most popular souvenir suggestions in UserVoice will be produced and two will be released [...]

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