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What the CLUCK? – GC3K9TV – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – September 3, 2012

So, why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the Geocache of the Week, of course! What the CLUCK? (GC3K9TV) is a difficulty 1.5, terrain 1.5 traditional cache located just outside of Newburg, Wisconsin. Inspired by a 10-year-old geocacher who raises chickens for 4-H – a youth development organization, the cache quickly became a favorite among local cachers since it was created in May. Cache owner Stewzoo1 explains, “When you first drive up, the statue of the chicken is on opposite side of the road. You go to it thinking that it is the cache but soon learn it [...]

A FENDA [Bombarral] GCW5EA – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – June 18, 2012

The Geocache of the Week  inspires a rappelling adventure into caverns in Portugal and reveals a glimpse into the distant past. A FENDA [Bombarral] (GCW5EA) is rated a difficulty 3, terrain 5 cache. It lures geocachers with the promise to discover caves that were once home to Neanderthals. Miguelrk + João + Inês placed the regular sized cache in the location in 2006. The cache page, written in Portuguese, warns geocachers that the trek to find this geocache can be dangerous. Safety precautions and the right equipment are mandatory. The experience is unforgettable. The geocache has won local awards. A [...]

Tsaagan Subarga GC1DPJV – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – February 13, 2012

There are few locations on earth where the nearest geocache is more than one hundred kilometers away. You’re looking at one of those rare locations. Tsaagan Subarga (GC1DPJV) is cradled in the heart of the Gobi Desert. It’s reachable by reliable vehicle or on the back of a camel or horse. The cache is named after the striking location. It’s known for the red, pink, yellow, and white stripes in the rock formations. Wild Boy hid the cache in 2008 and has arranged for a local cache guardian to perform maintenance when he’s not in Mongolia.  The difficulty 1, terrain [...]

TNT : Donjons & Mountains GCJPN4 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – January 23, 2012

TNT : Donjons & Mountains (GCJPN4) earns its difficulty 5, terrain 5 rating. It also earns a “wow” from the geocaching community. The Multi-Cache has tallied more than 90 Favorite Points so far. Geocachers spend a day tracking down clues throughout rural Belgium and France. The clues help crack the codes on the cache page. Once geocachers find the answers they discover coordinates for the final cache. Through it all gecoachers follow their GPS to encounter donjons (fortified towers) seemingly sprouting in the deep forest. They finally finish on a “mountain.” Cachemier created the cache in 2004.  He crafted a [...]

“DSOM – Minero las piedras” GC273NE GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – November 21, 2011

The warning is clear: “Never go alone!” This difficulty five, terrain five geocache challenges adventurers as they descend below the surface of the island of Mallorca. The cache page for “DSOM – Minero las piedras” (GC273NE) weaves a ghostly story of phantom voices and those who did not obey warnings turning to stone. ‘DSOM’ stands for ‘Dark Side of Mallorca.’ Pullermann & Tossiman hid the small size cache in 2010. Some 35 geocachers have logged smileys on the geocache and it has received 23 Favorite Points so far. The cache page tells the story of Pedro, the ghost of the [...]

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