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[Click CC for English Subtitles] Happy Valentine’s Day from Get lost in geocaching love! Watch three new Presents videos about discovering more than just a cache while geocaching. See how the adventure of geocaching brings couples together. Hear stories about dates involving rappelling for geocaches and weddings listed as Event Caches. At the end of the video, continue the geocaching love story with another video, and another video. You even have the option to see a great way to propose with geocaching. Subscribe to the official YouTube channel to be one of the first to see [...] Presents: CITO – Hamburg to Prague

[Editor's note: This video is spoken in German and Czech. Click the CC button for English, German or Czech subtitles.] Watch the latest Presents video: CITO: Hamburg to Prague. See how geocachers from two countries unite to cleanup the environment. Dozens of geocachers from Germany and the Czech Republic attended the Hamburg to Prague CITO Event in June of 2011. They cleared trash from a Prague park, including tires, discarded cables, and bags full of litter. CITO stands for Cache In Trash Out . It’s a volunteer environmental effort repeated over and over again around the world by [...] Presents: “The Rock”

[This video contains spoilers with express permission from cache owners. The video is in German. For English subtitles, play the video then click on the CC button.]   A war-torn bridge along the banks for the Rhine River serves as the imposing destination for geocachers attempting, “The Rock” (GC1EJ43). Watch the Presents video, “The Rock” to experience what over five hundred geocachers have accomplished. Go along as geocaching daredevils attempt this physically intense difficulty five, terrain five puzzle cache. The cache is one of Europe’s most popular geocaches with more than 300 Favorite Points. Geocachers should only attempt “The [...] Presents: Walddusche

Editor’s note: The video is spoken entirely in German. Click the CC button for English or German subtitles. Watch the latest Presents video: Walddusche (GCKA1T). See what makes this German Mystery Cache one of the most watched geocaches in the world. minz hid the difficulty three, terrain 1.5 geocache in 2004. The search for the cache leads adventurers deep into the woods of western Germany. Geocachers walk past the oldest healing water fountain still in existence in Germany, where cold water rushes down the mountain into a centuries-old shower. Finding the Walddusche cache isn’t difficult. What might be difficult [...] Presents: Dosenfischer

Editor’s note: The video is spoken entirely in German. Click the CC button for English or German subtitles. Watch the latest Presents video, “Dosenfischer.” Dosenfischer is a German geocaching musical phenomenon. The band writes and performs geocaching-themed songs with unforgettable beats and hysterical lyrics. “Dosenfischer” literally means “can fishers.” The group consists of geocaching podcasters aba and sandmann with their very own muggle, Carsten Stotco, on guitar. Dosenfischer released their first geocaching CD in November of 2010. Songs on the release cover topics such as micro caches, a geocaching groupie and the many nuances of the family hobby of [...]

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