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Maker Madness: How to Register Your Event

Finding a great geocache can make for an awe-inspiring adventure, but those adventures do not magically appear on their own. They are concocted inside the brilliant mind of a Geocache Maker. This crazy thing we call geocaching would simply not exist without the people who channel their creativity and innovative spirit into making great experiences for others. From March 28 – April 7, geocachers around the world will join together to celebrate the people in their community who make geocaching possible. We call this celebration Maker Madness. We’re calling all Geocache Makers (and folks who want to celebrate their favorite [...]

Geocache Maker Inspiration

Get your geocache building tools ready. It’s time to become a geocache maker. First things first. Check out this video to learn the basics of geocache hiding: Now, are you ready to take your geocache to the next level? You’ll need to learn the magic formula for creating an unforgettable experience: innovative container + inspiring location + powerful storytelling. Check out these 7 tips and tricks for making the ultimate geocaching experience: 1. Think everyday, household items. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make an innovative geocache. Simple latches (like child locks!) and magnets can go a [...]

Worlds Apart, Geocaching Connects a Father and Son

When you ask geocachers why they love geocaching, they will usually say they love geocaching because it gets them outside or brings a sense of adventure to their daily lives or connects them with a wonderfully warm and inclusive community or even gives them an activity to share with friends and family. For Roger Collins (Username: Relativly Simlpe)  and his son Joshua (Username: FlyingFawks), geocaching is more than all that. It’s just a way to spend a fun afternoon together. It is the way this father and son can stay connected even when they are oceans apart. Roger lives in [...]

From the Desk of Moun10Bike: How to Keep Your Geocaching Streak Going in the Snow

Geocaching HQ is home to a geocaching legend. His title is Community Liaison to Engineering. His name is Jon Stanley. He’s better known as Moun10Bike in the geocaching world.  As one of the world’s first-ever geocachers, Moun10Bike earned his geocaching fame by creating the first of what we now know as geocoins. Moun10Bike agreed to share his coolest geocaching tips as we head into the winter season here in the Northern hemisphere. Q: You are working on a geocaching streak. How many days of geocaching in a row are you up to? What inspired you to take on this challenge? A: On Christmas Eve, my [...]

Announcing the October Geocacher of the Month

The geocaching community gave thanks this past month for three dedicated geocachers from three very different corners of the world. All the nominees were creative hiders who have committed themselves not only to maintaining their geocaches, but also to maintaining and growing friendships within the geocaching community. Each will receive special recognition for their contribution to the global adventure of geocaching. Before naming the Geocacher of the Month, Geocaching HQ  reviews community input and blog comments. Each comment is read. After tallying the sentiment and reading the comments, Mic68  has been officially named the Geocacher of the Month for October 2013. One geocacher [...]

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