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Maker Madness Event Center

  Click on the map to find a Maker Madness event near you! Whether you’re a Social Butterfly or a Nature Lover, a Stats Geek, Traveler, or Puzzler (take the quiz and find out your geocacher type), it’s time to say thank you to a geocache maker near you. From March 28 – April 7, geocachers around the world will join together to celebrate the people in their community who make geocaching possible. We call this celebration Maker Madness. Every geocacher who logs an “Attended” at a registered Maker Madness event will earn a Maker Madness souvenir. Take a look at these tips for hosting an event that will [...]

Registrierungsanleitung für Deinen “Maker Madness” Event

Einen tollen Geocache zu finden, kann sich wie ein richtiges Abenteuer anfühlen. Solche besonderen Geocaches sprießen jedoch nicht von selbst aus dem Boden, sondern gedeihen im brillianten Geist eines Geocaching-Machers oder einer Macherin. Was Geocaching ausmacht, sind ebenjene Geocacher und Geocacherinnen, die ihre Kreativität und ihren Erfindungsgeist in tolle Erlebnisse für andere verwandeln. Vom 28. März bis zum 7. April können Geocacher aus aller Welt zusammenkommen und diejenigen in der Gemeinschaft feiern, die Geocaching möglich machen. Wir nennen diese Feier “Maker Madness”. Alle Geocache-Macher, Macherinnen und Leute, die ihre Lieblings-Macher und Macherinnen feiern wollen, können einen Event organisieren und die [...]

Maker Madness: How to Register Your Event

Finding a great geocache can make for an awe-inspiring adventure, but those adventures do not magically appear on their own. They are concocted inside the brilliant mind of a Geocache Maker. This crazy thing we call geocaching would simply not exist without the people who channel their creativity and innovative spirit into making great experiences for others. From March 28 – April 7, geocachers around the world will join together to celebrate the people in their community who make geocaching possible. We call this celebration Maker Madness. We’re calling all Geocache Makers (and folks who want to celebrate their favorite [...]

Geocache Maker Inspiration

Get your geocache building tools ready. It’s time to become a geocache maker. First things first. Check out this video to learn the basics of geocache hiding: Now, are you ready to take your geocache to the next level? You’ll need to learn the magic formula for creating an unforgettable experience: innovative container + inspiring location + powerful storytelling. Check out these 7 tips and tricks for making the ultimate geocaching experience: 1. Think everyday, household items. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make an innovative geocache. Simple latches (like child locks!) and magnets can go a [...]

Worlds Apart, Geocaching Connects a Father and Son

When you ask geocachers why they love geocaching, they will usually say they love geocaching because it gets them outside or brings a sense of adventure to their daily lives or connects them with a wonderfully warm and inclusive community or even gives them an activity to share with friends and family. For Roger Collins (Username: Relativly Simlpe)  and his son Joshua (Username: FlyingFawks), geocaching is more than all that. It’s just a way to spend a fun afternoon together. It is the way this father and son can stay connected even when they are oceans apart. Roger lives in [...]

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