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37 Ways to Spice Up Your Geocaching

What inspires you to geocache? For some, it’s the pure hunt that ignites the excitement. For others, it’s the adventurous and often unusual things one partakes in along the way. Here are 37 amazing ways to spice up your geocaching.   1. Hike to a viewpoint that you never knew existed 2.Take care of our planet Good planets are hard to find. While you’re out on a geocache hunt, make sure to CITO (cache in trash out). 3. Equicache (horseback geocaching) Jump on up and gallop away. Explore the geocaching wilderness with the help of a furry friend. 4. Make new [...]

Geocaching Headquarters (GCK25B): Been There, Logged That.

  Geocaching Headquarters (aka GCK25B). Many have heard of it, only 7,000 of 9 million geocachers worldwide have logged it. Whether on a geocaching road trip across the country or living down the street, geocachers love to make a pit stop at Geocaching HQ to sign the famous logbook, celebrate a milestone, share stories with fellow geocachers and see for themselves where all the geocaching magic happens. History was made. In 2004, the official HQ geocache was placed in the downtown office of Groundspeak Headquarters. Over the last 10 years, the geocache has lived in four different locations, now residing [...]

Allegany State Park Geobash IX Mega-Event

Geocaching is Better with Friends… Lots and Lots of Friends. Editor’s note: Geocaching HQ staff are  attending dozens of Mega-Events around the world, shaking hands, sharing stories of adventure, and of course, geocaching. Each person at Geocaching HQ brings their own unique talent to advancing the adventure. Some write code for the website, others design images for the apps, and some shoot videos explaining it all. Amy Faulkner is the Geocaching HQ staff member behind the Geocaching Block Party and other awesome events. She recently traveled to her home state of New York to join nearly a thousand people  in [...]

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