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Geocaching Quiz: What Type of Geocacher are You?

Paige Edmiston on November 1, 2013, 11:56 am

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Do you love the woods or are you more of a city geocacher? Do you live for meeting new people at geocaching events or do you prefer a quiet evening deciphering a puzzle? Take this quiz to determine your geocacher type, then get personalized tips and tricks for your ultimate geocaching experience. Caution: This quiz involves some math.

1. What is your favorite geocaching snack?

A. Energy bars    B. Sampling the local cuisine    C. [Root] Beer    D. Wheaties – the breakfast of champions    E. Brain food

2. What inspires your geocaching happy dance?

A.  A day out in the wilderness    B. Visiting new and exotic locales    C. Meeting other geocachers    D. FTF!    E. Solving a D5 puzzle geocache

3. Which photo is most likely to be found in your gallery?

A. Scenic views from a mountain peak    B. The Pyramids of Giza     C. You, surrounded by all your geocaching friends    D. You grabbing the FTF    E. A particularly tricky geocaching container

4. What geocaching tools can you not live without?

A. Pocket Queries and Offline Lists    B.  Caches Along a Route    C. The Geocaching Event Calendar    D. Your Statistics    E. GeoChecker

5. If you were a fictional character, who would you be?

A. The Lorax     B. Captain Kirk     C. Iron Man    D.  Hermione Granger    E. Miss Marple

Now add up your answers for points: A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5

To learn what type of geocacher you are, click your point total below:

Finished? Tell us what type of geocacher you are in the comments below. There are more than five types of geocachers out there. Feel free to let us know what category we missed!



  • Matthew Paradise

    I am the best kind of geocacher. I am a Dirtbag! Rocky Mountain Dirtbags! Dirtbag Geocaching Society! Boom! Colorado_artist was here!

  • Frankie Christiano

    I got 13. What type is that?

  • Nighthawk700

    With a 10, I am “The Traveler.” (and closer to nature lover than to social butterfly) Pretty much close enough. Unfortunately I don’t get to do a lot of traveling, but overall a good description of what I’d like to do.

  • c2icGeocaching

    Just a traveler geocacher !

  • sullyj63

    I have 3 answers with “none of the above” as my response. What score do i get for them?

  • CoxClan

    Stats Geek! It’s all about the smiley faces I get when I find a cache! Love Geocaching!

  • kiraboo

    Ha, I ended up with the one category that I think LEAST fits me- I’m definitely not the Social Butterfly. But I had 2 A answers & 3 D answers, which averaged out to a C. I really am more of a cross between Nature Lover & Stats Geek, with a healthy dose of Puzzler & Traveler as well. But I guess there are bound to be flaws when you’re trying to stuff ALL the zillions of geocachers into just 5 categories.

  • timker

    My answers were almost all B but question 4 it’s A to D so now I stll don’t know what kind cacher I am…

  • Mom & Pop Hop

    I love to travel alone exploring historical sites and camp in National parks.

  • Irene Gray

    I am a Nature Lover for sure..But I do enjoy adventure

  • rook rook

    I’m the one that looks, looks and then looks some more. My score was 15.

  • dani_carriere

    I waffled on one of my answers, so that makes me a 17/18. That makes me both “The Social Cacher” and “The Stats Geek”. Accurate on both counts!!

  • dani_carriere

    I went and read the write ups on all the other categories. Base on that I could be any one of the last 4, but definitely not #1

  • technonut

    Some of the questions need an “all of them” as an option :)

  • technonut

    Please re-do this as a cache HIDER! i.e. What kind of Cache Hider are you?

  • Searchers L&J

    I agree with technonut….. I need an “All of the Above” for several of the questions. In fact, for almost all of the questions!

  • Paige

    Sounds like you are a well-rounded geocacher! You might want to check out all of the types to get tips for every aspect of your game.

  • Paige

    We agree that this is a VERY important category. (I mean, there would be no geocaches to find without hiders!) Do your hides fit into any of these categories? Do you like to hide them out in the woods, or make creative geocache containers that blend into the city?

  • Paige

    I think you’ve caught on that our *very scientific* quiz may have some flaws, but we hope you had fun with it! :)

  • Miguel Dias

    The Nature Lover! :)

  • Kate Livingston

    The Traveler! Anyone who knows me, knows this!

  • K&A Enterprises

    Giving myself a point and a half for some of the between A and B answers… gives me an 8. A nature lover who could qualify as a traveler – sounds right.

  • TravelingManatee

    I’d say it was fairly accurate. Being social and enjoying nature. Nothing boring about being a cacher!

  • cymry

    the traveler pretty much accurate

  • Annie Davis

    With more questions I could be classified as a Natural Socializer.

  • pie13

    Stats Geek, yep thats me. Even before geocaching I loved anything with stats, but it is so much better when the stats are my own!

  • Mrs.Hoagie

    I scored a 49… how could I pick between these? A. A day out in the wilderness B. Visiting new and exotic locales C. Meeting other geocachers D. FTF! E. Solving a D5 puzzle geocache

    Or these? A. Scenic views from a mountain peak C. You, surrounded by all your geocaching friends D. You grabbing the FTF E. A particularly tricky geocaching container

    It’s a trick quiz!

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