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Share Your Trackable Story – Trackable Week 2012

Eric Schudiske on September 17, 2012, 1:00 am

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Trackable Week | Travel Bugs

This is your chance to share your favorite Trackable stories. Trackables have completed missions to travel the globe, find famous landmarks and compete in Travel Bug races.

The three stories with the most likes at the end of the week of September 23rd, 2012 will all be entered to win a rare and coveted geocoin. The winner will receive the latest Moun10bike geocoin.

Enter your best Trackable story for a chance to win this geocoin

Submit your Trackable story by clicking on “Comments” below. Please include your username in all entries. Then, explore the  Trackable stories other geocachers have posted.

One entry per geocacher. “Like” the caption that you think should win. Lackeys will vote from the top finalists to decide the winner of the Moun10bike geocoin.

  Das ist Deine Chance, Deine favorisierte Trackable-Story mit anderen zu teilen. Die Trackables haben Ihre Missionen abgeschlossen wie: um die Welt reisen, berühmte Wahrzeichen zu finden und in Travel Bug Rennen zu konkurieren.

Die drei Geschichten mit den meisten “Gefällt mir”-Einträgen bis zum 23. September 2012, nehmen an der Verlosung einer seltenen und begehrten Geocoin teil. Der Gewinner erhält die neueste Moun10Bike Geocoin.

Reiche Deine Trackable-Story durch Klicken auf “Kommentare” weiter unten ein. Bitte gib Deinen Benutzernamen auf bei allen Einträgen an. Danach entdecke Trackable-Geschichten welche andere Geocacher gepostet haben.

Es zählt nur ein Eintrag pro Geocacher. Drücke “Gefällt mir”, wenn Du der Meinung bist diese Geschichte sollte gewinnen. Die Lackeys werden dann, aus den Finalisten, den Gewinner der Moun10Bike Geocoin auswählen.


Zusätzliche Trackable Geschichten:

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Schau Dir den Travel Bug an, der so weit gereist ist, um den Globus 8 Mal zu umrundenund er ist immer noch unterwegs (und bewegt sich und bewegt sich…)

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  • Mietzecacherin

    The story of our Trackable is pretty short. I went to Florida on vacation some time ago and took on of our trackables (misson: travel home to germany) with me. I have placed it in a cache on the Florida Keys and thought it would take pretty long until it will travel back home. So what happened? Geman Cachers took the trackable some days after I placed it there and without beeing dropped off in any other cache it came back home just a some weeks after I returned :)

  • Vicky Hallenbeck

    Maybe you should make the new mission for the bug to get BACK to the Florida keys. :grin:

  • Nexus69

    The found and lost story!
    A short and sad story. TB1P8ET started his travel on the 20.10.2010. After a trip of 73.7 km the user Heisenberg81 retrieved the coin on the 10.03.2011. Now we have 18 months later and he hold it and hold it and hold it. I get no reaction on any email. But a few weeks ago he changed his username to Startseite.
    A longer trip but also a sad finish. TB3K1TN started his travel on the 05.01.2010. After a trip of 12205.8 km the user wanderinggnome retrieved the coin on the 15.10.2011 from the Geocoinfest U.S. 2011. Now we have 11 months later and she hold it and hold it and hold it. I get no reaction on any email.
    What a nice part of our hobby. Nexus69

  • Barb Coates

    I places “Dads Dream” out in Searchlight NV on 11/25/2011 to go back to Germany for a visit. It stayed in Calif and Nv for a while but then he took off. He went to Kuwait 7,705.05 miles then to Kyrgyzstan 1,762 miles then Oatar 1,800.08 miles back to Kuwait then to Georgia 7,147.53 miles back to NV 1,743.84
    I go under Redhatter 52 but the group name is MO CREW which includes me, my brother BH52 and my cousin Dale madog54
    My dad drove a racecar # 52 and Butch drove 52jr so thats the 52 in our names.

  • Rodney Nissen

    Hey, NoNameYet202 here!
    I’m writing in today about a lost but recently found trackable I own called TB2EVNM Lucky Dog Tags. This trackable was lost sometime around September 2010, and I finally marked it missing in Febuary of this year (2012). This remained the case for over five months until I got that email that every trackable owner wishes to see. The last person to have it had discovered it! Apparently they had lost in in a random box during a move, and had finally unpacked that box and discovered the lost trackable!
    I quickly reset it’s mission to return home.
    It seemed to be meandering it way around, as trackable were want to do, when it finally made it to the Midwest Geobash. This was perfect, I thought, as I had a local cacher freind who would be going! I quickly set it up with him to try and get it, and tried to get a hold of the person holding the trackable. And….no response. and no response.
    Finally the day of the event came and went, and I got two emails regarding the trackable. One was from the local cacher, who said they couldn’t find the person holding it.
    The second however, was from the cacher who picked it up from the event. The log started “This trackable is now in the hands of a California cacher.” My heart sank. It was so close to coming home, and now it would have to find it’s way from the West Coast? But I kept reading, and he continued, “However, I will be heading to Cullman ((a distance of around 30 miles from my home base)) over the next few days before returning home!” That perked me up right away!
    I watched for the trackable to be dropped. Finally, it was placed in GC1WF06 Turn Around Now. I quickly made plans and that weekend, went down to pick it up!
    The hunt for the cache was a bit drawn out. I was ignoring the obvious place, thinking it was to far away from Ground Zero. But I finally sighed and check there, I was NOT going home empty handed. And Paydirt!
    I opened the cache to find…..the trackable still there! Happy days! I was so enthused I left two trackables I had in my inventory in the cache to keep it stocked, and after nabbing a few caches in the area, went home. I now proudly display it on my Geocaching Go-bag. This trackable, which all told has traveled some 12,000 Miles, made it home after being lost for two years. That is a happy ending if ever I heard one!

  • Log Dawgs

    Hello my name is Log Dawgs. My favorite trackable has not traveled a long distance at all. The FTF Trophy (TBHYTP) has been activated since December 2004 and is considered to be one of the most sought after TB’s in all of Houston. Its has seeded over 100 new caches and usually involves a race to the cache for FTF by more than one geocacher. There are no specific rules to the cache it is in, however it is recommended that the geocacher who finds the TB creates a new cache to hide the trophy in within 30 days of grabbing it. I have been lucky enough to grab it on two separate occasions. The first I had to hike over 1.5 miles to get to it in a swamp after a weeks worth of rain. I made the find in a tree that I had to climb up 15 feet to get the TB. I then had the long hike back. The second time I found the cache at night near a creek. I was in my work clothes and fell into the water before retrieving this coveted TB once again up in a tree. This TB is attached to one of the coolest trophies I have ever seen. It has been associated with many of Houston’s first geocachers and will continue to be one of the greatest pieces of local geocaching lore.

  • taz427

    Hello my caching name is TAZ427. My favorite trackable doesn’t have a lot of travel distance on it, but it’s a bit of a local legend. There’s a mysterious group of cachers known as the Night Time Ninja’s. A couple of the things about the Night Time Ninja’s is they like to cache at Night and go after FTF’s. They have a Trackable that’s call the Night Time Ninja’s Championship Trophy (TB3KQWD.) This trophy must be placed in another cache by the finder within 30 days of finding the Trophy. The cache must be a premium, published at night (our local reviewer is good about this), a minimum of 528′ away from any available parking. It’s usually placed in fairly difficult area’s to get to. I found it with a couple of Ninja’s at 12:05am Sept 8th, this was it’s 20th hide, over a mile into a park that has at least 5 types of poisonous snakes, gators, bobcats, feral hogs, and other menacing creatures. I even had a bat hit me in the back of the neck while out looking for it. This is it’s second year in existence, and at the end of the year, the Trophy will be given to one of the FTF/CO-FTF who logged the TB and a new one is created to put in it’s place. Everyone is allowed to go after this TB, but it takes Ninja power to find it.

  • Eddie Robinson

    Hi, Eddie Robinson Here,
    I remember well the first trackable I found, TB14V9N, I was amazed this had traveled from Canada, to Australia, and around both North and South Islands of New Zealand, and then made it to the UK. Its still on my watch list, and I still watch its progress, its currently in Colorado, so appears to be well on its way to completing its goal, and make it home to Nova Scotia, and I’ll be able to say I helped it on its way

  • Ines

    Hello, i´m Ines
    I have traded a compass rose 2006 geocoin some time ago (TBVKGE) that has a great story. It was part of a skydiving with nice pictures. You can see some pictures about this at the Trackable Page. ;)

    Thanks Ines (ice13-333)

  • Bukibear

    Hello my name is Bukibear and my favorite trackable is Lady
    Bug TB3C7TE. I love to come up with cool descriptions for
    my TBs. This Cachekinz just wanted to
    travel the world and bug people. She was released by me on 9/4/11 and has
    travelled 19088.8 miles. So far she has
    gone from California to England to France back to England on to Singapore she
    is now in Sweden. Each country that she
    landed in I would translate her mission into the native language, which I
    believed helped her move on. This little
    lady does not like to stay in caches long or with people for a long time. I was surprised to see how a mission can affect
    the life of a TB. The comments of it
    bugging the cacher who had it made me smile.

    Sadly the bug is currently with a cacher who has had it
    since 6/22/12. I have emailed her and
    finally heard back from her that she will place it this week. The TB needs to start bugging people again.

  • Neal Lepovetsky

    hello, my geonick is drneal, and i’m a geocoin addict. my favorite trackable story is not just about a single coin, but about multiple coins…a collection, and the people they have allowed me to meet at various events, and especially on the geocoin forum. mind you, i like my coins, but the people have meant so very much to me. my wife was killed about 7 and a half years ago…time was something i had too much of both then, and now. some patients of mine were kind enough to introduce me to geocaching. it for me, was a great way to spend some time out with my dog Logan, but because of his health issues, and size (he was a minature schnauzer, and a little small for the breed,) these trips also needed to be limited to gentle terrains. and then, i was introduced to trackables! my collection started with a couple of travel bugs, all sent out and moving, giving me another chance to interact with people both close to home, and far away. before long, i started looking for geocaches containing travelbugs/geocoins giving me a chance to follow coin histories (where they had been, where they wanted to go, and who had helped them on their way,) again a good way to fill what would be overly quiet hours at home. 2 personal coins along with a few others later, i await delivery of my third personal geocoin, “Kathy’s Coin Too – Heaven’s The Place.” the information on the geocoin can be found on the geocoin forum. trackable items, geocoins in particular, have given me the ability to meet and become friends with people from all over the world, and that’s the most important part of my trackable story. for this, i am thankful ! ILYK

  • Sergeant Homer

    Sergeant Homer here. My favorite trackable is the GeoAgent99 Memorial I placed in memory of my friend and caching partner. GA99 lost her life in a traffic accident in the early hours of 8 July 2006. Three weeks later I placed a TB in her her honor in a cache we’d found here in Illinois, CCC Stone Bridge II – Bring Your Own Horse. On 4 July 2007 it was last seen in RJ’s Cache in Vermont. In those 343 days on the road it covered 16,368 miles. Most of those miles were courtesy of Cool Cache who took it with him as he traveled the country, placing it in and retrieving it from caches where his travels took him. GA99′s wish was to cache in all fifty states. While she never lived long enough to do that, her memorial TB made it to fifteen states from California to New Hampshire and Minnesota to Texas. Both GeoAgent99 and her memorial TB are long gone but both will never be forgotten.

  • Don Cambron

    Our geoname is Northwing65 and we’ve only been geocaching a few months. Our story involves one of our family’s TB’s and a special thing that happened to it. It is TB50Z1A, and it is a simple baseball key chain that we bought for our 9-year old at our local AA minor league game. We placed in a nearby cache with our cub scout unit, and a few days later it was picked up — by a group of new geocachers who happened to be AA baseball players for the Mississippi Braves. After logging it, they emailed us and proposed something — they offered to take it “on the road” with them for the rest of the season (about a month and a half) and photograph our TB at the various stadiums they played at. Good to their word, we saw periodic pictures and stories as they played around the Southeastern US. After the season ended, they finally dropped it for good. After thanking them for taking such good care of our TB, they responded that it was good for them too, it helped them remember that baseball is supposed to be fun, and taking the pictures helped them appreciate the places they get to play ball a little more. It was a chance for them to see the stadiums as a little boy would.

  • Chazman50

    My name is chazman50.In May of this year I placed a trackable that I named Herby wants to travel in a cache 18 miles from my home. After 3 weeks of waiting, it was still in the same cache I had placed it in. I was getting kind of discouraged. Then Herby started to move. 100 miles, 300 miles. I was happy with the miles he was traveling and I would have never thought it would move as quickly as it did.Then I received an email from a fellow cacher who was heading over seas, and decided he would take Herby along for the ride.Herby is now in Austria and has logged 10,551.8 miles since I put him in wood box in May!!!! I hope someday Herby will make it back home and I can put him in a collection of trackables..

  • Mietzecacherin

    perhaps ;) But it has to return to us first since I took it to Turkey and now it’s lokated somewhere in Sweden

  • maltee_h

    My nickname is maltee_h and I have got another beautiful story about Trackables.
    Youth people from Germany spend their vacations in Bosnia i Herzegovina. There have created 5 Trackables: A bear with 1 lag!
    In Bosnia i Herzegovina are so many landmines. They want to do sth. against this! So they created these 5 Trackables to inform the hole world about the landmines! They want to help removing these landmines. 1 Trackablse should rise to the White house, 1 Trackable to the german newspaper “BILD” and so on.
    The slogan for this idea is “Let’s do something together for a peaceful world – move it!!”

    This isn’t a normal Trackable Story. This is a trackable story from youth people who wants to save lives!

  • schwarzerRabe

    my nickname is schwarzerRabe (means blackRaven). I have a story about my favourit TB (TB4KKP5) Kaspar.
    It began when we tried to find a stamp for hiking. On our way there was also a geocache, but we couldn’t start to search for it, because there were some muggles. We decided to try it on the way back. A view meters away, i saw a little toy elk an thought the cache was already muggled. So we went a head and found the stamp.
    When we were near the cache again, the peoples were disappeared an we found the box.
    Everything was ok an the little toy elk was still there. He looked at me very sad an first we went away, but there was the sad face in my head. I stopped and run up the hill to grab him.
    It satisfied me to put him in my bag. At home i gave him a shower and he smelled realy good.He also got a name: Kaspar.
    Then i had an idea: why not let him see the world. If i cannot travel around, he could do it.
    And so he started his way. I hope he will see a lot of beautiful places an may comes back to tell me his storys about traveling.

  • psykokiwi

    Hello, I’m psykokiwi (not from NZ, but crazy all the same). I have so many wonderful stories about trackables. There is the trackable some friends and I share because it was our prize for being the 500th person to find the cache. The trackable my husband set loose in memory of his dear friend that passed away (goal is to go to his home in Colorado). The trackable that was stolen out of a cachers car in Hawaii after it just arrived there (the thief logged it, but never set it free). The coins that have gone missing, or taken wrong turns. My mega that is currently traveling the UK. So many stories.
    However, my favorite at the moment is a simple Geico Gecko tag. I received it during the promotion, and immediately set it out in the wild. It travelled its way down the I-5 corridor to Redding CA. I thought that was neat because my husband’s birth mother lives there, so it was kind of like visiting her. Recently it was picked up by some cachers who had 808 in their caching name. My heart started to race. 808 is the area code for Hawaii, and Hawaii is where my husband’s adoptive mother lives!!! I checked their profile and sure enough…they were from Hawaii!!! I emailed them the story of my husband and his 2 mothers. The coincidence was what got me. The odds!!! I have been assured this free little trackable I had little hope for will make its way to Hawaii to now visit his childhood home, and his mom. In a way it is connecting our family since we can’t be there with them, or little trackable can.

  • ptwob088

    Hello, my name is ptwob088. When we moved from Albuquerque, NM to the Washington, DC area last summer, our family set out some trackables in hopes they would make the journey as well. My wife, my four kids, and I each choose an item to make into a TB. A couple of days before we moved, we placed them all around Albuquerque. Each had a goal “To get from Albuquerque, NM to Woodbridge, VA as quick as possible (this tracker is in a race with five others)!” So far, one of the trackers has made it to our new hometown and we were able to successfully pick it up. Four are still in play and slowly making their way to us while the remaining one has zero miles. Unfortunately, a person new to caching picked it up and she still has it in her possession. We have since expanded our trackables collection by five: a nametag for my wife and I, a TB sticker for each of our cars, and a space shuttle for our oldest son who wants to be an astronaut someday. The six TBs in our race are TB49KVE, TB49KVG, TB49KVH, TB49KVK, TB49KW5, and TB49KW9.

  • dragon flyer

    Um… I’m pretty sure that’s actually a moose…

  • fergusaf

    My story is not about a single trackable but some great trackable holders who made a special event even more special. In March of 2012, a group of Girl Scouts in Las Vegas released a geoart in the shape of the Girl Scout Trefoil to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouting (GC3E3QG). Girl Scouts Heart of Central CA donated their 100th Anniversary coin (TB42JBY) to drop and that led to the search for other 100th Anniversary Scouting trackables. I started watching all the different ones I could find and thanks to some very understanding holders I was able to add a Boy Scout 100 Years of Scouting (TB3V5CC), 100 jaar Scouting in Nederland (Netherlands – TB3W44V), and a 100th Anniversary Girl Guides of Canada (TB3JT38) for the opening day. Now they’re all traveling around the US but for a brief time, they were celebrating all together.

  • birder428

    I sent my TB Flip Flop to National Aquarium off with
    the goal of going to the aquarium in Baltimore and being given to a geocaching dolphin
    trainer (my daughter). One finder’s log definitely put a smile on my face. Here’s the log…

    I found your flip flop and was going to leave it near the
    aquarium but my work had free passes there so I took it there myself…went to
    dolphin show and meet a women who I told I had the flipflop and I needed to
    give to a trainer…she went back and found the trainer who said her mom sent
    it out…she was very nice and let my fiance be a participant in the dolphin
    show…..AWESOME!!! ….thank you and your daughter so much for letting my
    fiance have the best day of her life….and mine… :O)

  • V&JMacT

    My travel bug; “Travel Bugged Flamingo” just found it’s way home this week; in honor of travel bug week perhaps? The little bird went from Key West Florida to England then back to the good ole USA to ‘fly from cache to cache’ once again. Last year I hadn’t heard a thing about it in over 6 months so I contacted a cacher whom had just visited the place my little flamingo had last been seen at. He kindly responded that no bird was nesting in this particular cache; but he would revisit the cache to check again for me; which he did. No flamingo! BUT, the tag was hidden in the bottom of the cache. What should he do; he asked? He waited for me to send a replacememt Flamingo (harder to find in Michigan….lol); which arrived broken. Another e-mail; another shipment and the trackable was once again ‘taking flight”… Travel bug flamingo’s destination was the finger lakes of Central New York; it arrived a month ago; but was quickly picked up and taken to the capitol area. As luck or karma would have it; it was brought back this week during my very short visit to Central New York; and in a rain storm I ‘flew’ to find it and bring it home. “Travel Bugged Flamingo” is now retired and provides a great deal of entertaining when we are with out geocaching friends… Thanks to all whom helped me relocate my little bird!

  • ksued

    In fact, a cache is known to always be found at his coordinats. But instead of always just lie at the same place, has a cache (TB2VW1E) itself set off to explore the wide world. Like everyone else it contains a log book, a pen and sometimes trading items and travelers. It is firmly attached with a pink Pure.Color Geocoin.
    At the beginning of its journey was very slow and after two months, the traveler have vanished.
    Almost two years later it suddenly appeared again. The owner contacted the finders by mail that there really the complete Travel-Cache had reappeared. But the photos clearly show the find. With something like this I no longer expected and this comforts me about any other trackable, that has been lost (apparently). Since then, the travel-cache is traveling reliable around Europe and have even made ​​a short trip to Brazil and Argentina. Just a real travel-cache!

  • Julee Black King

    TB1AWXA is my trackable (lonesomepaws) and is called Bobby’s Marine Geocoin. In 1950 my uncle Bobby Dean Lucas was killed in the Korean War. I put this coin out in Ellijay Georgia with the intent of it traveling to Whitestown Indiana where Bobby’s final resting place is located. Along the way the coin visited many Veterans Memorials and had its picture taken in the areas reserved for Korean War Veterans. The coin made its way to Whitestown Indiana and had its picture taken on my uncles gravestone. It took a little more than a year for the coin to make it from the cache I put it out in to the cache where the Whitestown Cemetery is located. I truly enjoyed watching it make its journey! -Lonesome Paws

  • JAKberry

    Hi! I cache w/ my two young daughters as JAKberry. The very first travel bug we found was a grumpy little smurf
    named Stroumf Grognon (TB1R1D6) from France.
    I was heading from San Diego to New York for work, so took this little
    smurf with me. After taking his photo at
    the top of Rockefeller Plaza, we were walking through Times Square in front of
    the giant FAO Schwartz toy store, when who should I happen to see but a giant mama
    smurf and papa smurf walking around in big blue costumes!

    It was an impromptu family reunion! Thinking quickly, I grabbed Stroumf Grognon
    out of my purse, and snapped a couple family portraits w/ these smiling smurfs
    in Times Square. The next day, I dropped
    off the smurf travel bug at a cache in beautiful Central Park, where he was
    quickly picked up and taken directly to Norway – 3,524 miles away! A very exciting adventure for our very first
    travel bug experience.

  • Tammi Taylor

    There is a Challenge cache in my area where you have to get a Trackable to it’s final destination. Harder than you think ;) . I found one that wanted to go about 60 miles from my home, but never found the time to take it. Then I came across a coin that wanted to go 100.6 miles away.( This geocoin was started by a group of choir members while we were on a tour of Europe. We were able to find caches in Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. We started several geocoins and will watch them as they travel back to a cache on the campus of our school, Eastern Mennonite High School, Harrisonburg, Virginia) We decided to make a day trip of it and cache along the way. It took this coin over 2 years to get home, but it was a great sense of accomplishment for me to get it there.

  • Knuddelhexe

    The story of my TB starts in 2010. It is my first TB. It is called “Find Harry”.He have to find as many Harry Potter Film Locations as possible. On a Christmas Event in Germany i found someone who make a journey to London and this is where the journey of little Harry starts. Little Harry was dropped off in a cache in the central city of London and a few days later he was gone. I saw that this cache was sometimes opend by muggles and now i was in sorrow that my TB was stolen. I wrote to the last cacher who found this box and he told me that he have my TB. He was so nice. After another few caches he put little Harry in an envelope and sent him to Loch Ness. I was so happy to hear about that. Now little Harry has seen so much beautyful places and some HP-Filmlocations. The best of all is that he had seen Alnwick Castle. That was my biggest wish. His journey is going on. There is already so much to find. But my TB doesn’t only brought me some Photos or something else. He gave me some new friends and his story showes that there are very nice people out there. This is what makes geocaching so wonderful exciting. See some interesting places and meet some more nice people which share your hobby.

  • Polarkreis7

    Hello, my name is Polarkreis7. Here a small storie about a travelbug, a coin,
    accompanied us a little way into our holiday. Just before we went by our motorcycle to south england, we saw in our homearea a new cachelisting with a travelbug that would like to travel into the Dartmoor. The owner wished travel stories and photos as a small travel preparation for his own holiday into Dartmoor. We would like to take this coin with us, however, came too late to the cache,the coin was already taken by another cacher away. Now a small pursuit coin began and after a little while he was in our luggage pocket. This holiday was fantastic, we coud show the coin and us ;-) many beautiful places, that we otherwise never sean,we took detours through a breathtaking landscape, just beautiful.The coin we put away in a box in Dartmoor, it belonged to a little boy who could also follow the travelbugs journey and thus of the house came to know about the world. The coin has found his away back to owner in many steps with different cacher and now is already on the road to Dartmoor second time. Thanks the owner for this nice idea,he made our vacation an unforgettable adventure.

  • Corp Of Discovery

    Doh- the correct dates of the tour were 5/16/08-5/18/08. Here are some pictures taken during the trip:

  • CaptainPunkin

    Howdy – my name is CaptainPunkin. As my wife and I were about to board a plane to Ukraine to adopt our son (Sergeant Squash), we stopped in the Louisville airport giftshop and purchased a Kentucky keychain to use as a travelbug (8RAPHX). After the adoption was finalized we launched the travelbug in Kiev, Ukraine in his honor with the mission of getting to Kentucky – just like our boy. The first stop on this bug’s journey was Thailand and we figured that it would soon be lost. Amazingly, though, it then moved back to Europe and traveled to France, Germany, Netherlands, back to France, England, France again (with a stop at EuroDisney!), Germany again, and eventually Michigan. A friend, BapmanCrew, grabbed it at an event in Michigan and brought it down to Geowoodstock X in Indiana where he personally presented it to Sergeant Squash! In 3 years of trying to get to Kentucky, it moved to 60 caches and traveled over 24000 miles. The travelbug is now “retired” and will be cherished by us as a linkage to our boy’s journey to America,

  • ThePuzzleMaster

    Hi from ThePuzzleMaster
    One day I was caching on a mountain and I had to climb a tree to get the cache. No geocoin was supposed to be in the cache and after I got to the top I noticed that there was a geocoin in the cache. A very nice and satisfying when I got down. The funny thing was it was a supercacher geocoin. I thought only a supercacher could climb that tree.

  • Wombatnumber1

    Ok so I was new to Geocaching and I found a TB it was a little dragon attached to a TB and I had no idea it had a mission…just my luck it wanted to go home. I didn’t know much bout then so I wasn’t aware they were supposed to travel so it stayed in my backpack for a very long while until I learned more about TB’s and it wanted to go to so cal so I took it there and I thought all was well… A couple of days later someone took it far away from where it should have been and pretty much wasted all my gas to get to so cal
    Ahh c’est la vie.

  • Kevin Shafer

    A little over 10 years ago when I was living in Ohio, I got an instant message from a friend of mine from Seattle, WA which said “check out my new hobby” and the text was a link to I read what it was about, created an account as Egnix, and plugged in my address. I saw the closest cache was about a
    half hour away. I replied to my friend: “brb”, wrote some notes down to get me to the right street for parking, grabbed my yellow Etrex and was off.

    The coords took me to Damm Hike (GC718B), a cache which (as you may have guessed) was near a dam at the Nimisila Reservoir in NE Ohio. After a short, but scenic hike I found my first

    I was hooked and upon returning home I ordered my first set of travel bugs.

    The TBs arrived quickly and I sent the first two off with goals to reach my other geocaching friends (the one in Seattle and a mutual friend in WI who was also introduced to caching by the Seattle friend).

    For my third travel bug I thought I’d send out a small notebook for people to share their favorite quotes. I named him ‘Joe’ (TB2E4D).

    On my sixth day of caching, I took Joe to Brecksville Reservation Cache (GC34C2) and wished him well on his travels.

    Over the years I got to read about his travels around the country. I met people and received emails from people saying how much they liked Joe. I even heard Joe inspired a least a couple cachers to send out similar travel bug books.

    As time went on I would be continually amazed that Joe was still out going from cache to cache. For some reason he didn’t meet the same fate of most of my trackables: going ‘missing’.

    Then two years ago I got a “posted a note” log saying that Joe was being brought to Colorado (where I was living). I thought, “Wow! I’d really love to see Joe again” and emailed the current holder if I might be able to see him again. I didn’t receive a reply (actually I did, but somehow I never saw it).

    But about a week later when I was browsing through some old emails I came across the “posted a note” email again and thought I’d ask the holder again if Joe might still be in town. I went to Joe’s tracking page and saw that he had just visited Tarryall (the oldest cache in the state). Unfortunately, Joe had just visited; he wasn’t still there for me to run out and grab. So I emailed the holder
    again and she replied quickly saying that she was still in town but was packing to leave. I jumped in the car and was off.

    Fifteen minutes later I was at her hotel and she reunited me with Joe. 8 years; 18,160.2 miles; 16 states; 49+ caches; and 60+ cachers later, Joe’s book was almost completely full of quotes and writings from people all over the country. Way to go, Joe! Job well done!

  • mondou2

    During the Thanksgiving weekend in 2001, my brother (treborzepol) introduced me to geocaching. I had a blast finding our first cache as we waited for the turkey to cook. Soon I had bought my first GPSr and was on my own finding cache after cache. I loved the new game so much that for my 50th birthday my brother organized a geocaching trip to Spain in September, 2002. We traveled around the country finding the few caches that existed at thew time including all the ones in Madrid.

    My brother purchased a travel bug dog tag and brought it with him from Texas. We did a spectacular cache named Norfeu (GC5251). Located in Cape Norfeu, in
    the Costa Brava area of Spain, the cache is near a watch tower that was built to guard against the Muslim pirates at
    143 meters of altitude. The place was mentioned in the book “Ora
    Maritima” by the Roman author Lucius Festus Avienus in the 1st. century
    B.C.My brother decided this fantastic spot overlooking the cove was where he would start his travel bug on its journeys. So he attached a toy soldier and left him in the cache.

    His travel bug Nord I of Norfeu (TB24B7), was the only travel bug he ever owned. It traveled for two years around Europe before being taken to Michigan where Max B found him. At about the same time, in the summer of 2004 my brother was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. I would travel from Denver every month to Texas to visit him as we knew his time with us was limited. It was during one of these routine monthly trips that I flew into Dallas and noticed that his travel bug had just been deposited in Ft Worth by none other than Max B – the number one mover of travel bugs in the world. Max has, of this time, moved over 24,000 travel bugs. Max had picked Nord I of Norfeu up in Michigan and brought it with his traveling travel bug show right to where my brother was. I rushed out to the travel bug hotel that night and retrieved his travel bug.

    My brother was so amazed and happy to see his travel bug. We both got an opportunity to relive our trip to Spain together and share in other wonderful adventures that were possible because of our joint interest in this new thing called geocaching. His travel bug stayed close by with him until he passed away a few weeks later. We have taken the travel bug out of circulation and our family keeps it as a treasured reminder of my brother.


  • gladstone8

    I had a Lego character called Biggles. He was picked up by someone who flew a lot….he ended up with photos of him on an A380 heading to the Far East….bet not many TBs have that honour….dipping into the peanuts on the bar! He had clocked up over 24,000 miles when the guy who had him dropped him in a cache in South Korea…..that was it….he went missing from there….very sad!

  • Japancachers

    A tribute to the guy who gives new life to missing trackables

    Hi! My name is Thomas from the Japancachers and my favourite TB story is not about a single TB but about a guy who is replacing lost TB just as his hobby.

    Some months ago, we moved to New Zealand and on the first geocaching event we met a guy named ZorkV. He is crazy about coins and TBs and has shared a huge collection with us on that particular day. After discussing a bit about trackables, he mentioned that he has developed the hobby of replacing lost or stolen trackables just for fun (at his costs). He usually asks the owner of missing coins to send him the track number and he manufactures a substitute. At first he did this by punching the number in an aluminum plate but he refined his technique and is now even able to print on aluminum so that the coin really looks close to the original one (when he has the template). Soon after the event, we were able to find one of ZorkV’s “reborn” coins. It was amazing since we knew how much work he spent on replacing it.
    We think the work of ZorkV is worth mentioning here, and we highly appreciate all the efforts (especially time and money) he is spending for the coin loving community.

  • Sunpuki

    I possted my story 2 times and it is never there. Why? Why did I waist my time writing the storie if in never gets to the page so people get to read it.

  • Guest

    Where is my story??????????????????????????

  • Guest

    What a wast of my time. This is BS

  • Sunpuki


  • Sunpuki

    Hello. My geocacher name is Sunpuki. Here is the storie of one of my favorit travel bug. It happens to be one of mine. It has been on the road for more then 2 years and has been to 8 different countries and did over 40000 km. This travel bug has a very interesting storie. Here is the traval bug TB2R6Q5. On the traval bug page are 2 links for YouTube. I did a video on the traval bugs storie. One is in french and the other is in english. Enjoy the video.

  • Mile Hi Travelers

    We did our very first geocache in Pembrey Forestry, Pembrey, Nr. Llanelli, S.Wales 2002. Our geocaching friends told us to take a trackable along. So we did…. we did not know much about how the trackable works, so we had attached a small notebook to write in. Mile Hi Traveler (our travel bug) traveled around the UK for a year, then ended up in Arizona in 2003, very near where we were staying; so of course we retrieved it and read all of the logs. It traveled quite a bit until it ended up in an archived cache in 2008. We have put out several tbs since. Fun! Right now we have 3 shoes, hoping for the carriers to find each other and take their pictures together to make pairs.

  • Googler

    Cool story

  • Linda Wallace

    My Black Chow dog named Onyx born on 12-5-95 passed away on 5-25-10. I took his collar and put his photo on with some pins for people to add more pins. He visited Disney Land, Epcot, Washington DC and Hawaii twice. But the most exciting place was a photo of Onyx in the cockpit of a plane. As of today Onyx has traveled 43375.9 miles only in the USA. If you want to see photos of him on his trip go to TB3KMYP.

  • Guest

    Thanks to my friend at work for commenting while my window was open.

  • Linda Wallace

    My Black Chow dog named Onyx born on 12-5-95 passed away on 5-25-10. I took his collar and put his photo on with some pins for people to add more pins. He visited Disney Land, Epcot, Washington DC and Hawaii twice. But the most exciting place was a photo of Onyx in the cockpit of a plane. As of today Onyx has traveled 43375.9 miles only in the USA. If you want to see photos of him on his trip go to TB3KMYP.

  • Matthew C Siporin

    I don’t know who is running this, but I’ve posted my story twice as well in the past 24 hours and is still hasn’t been posted either. Makes it hard to get votes if it won’t be up until the last day.

  • log dawgs

    I grabbed the Corps of Discovery in March of this year and gave it to my buddy Ornith in April who has taken it from Hawaii to Maine and back. 4 Megas included during that time. It is a great TB and a great story you shared.

  • Bio-KK

    We live in Seattle and like many here we have urban chickens. One day we
    came home from work and one of our young hens (a Rhode Island Red named
    Emma) was nowhere to be found. We looked high and low into the night,
    in neighbor’s yards, in trees, everywhere we could think of that a chicken
    might go. There was no evidence of foul play (yes the pun is intended),
    no blood or feathers, so we were sure she was spooked by a cat or
    something. That night we made fliers and posted them in a 2 block
    radius, and posted a “lost chicken” message on our neighborhood blog hoping
    that someone would spot her.

    The next day when I came home from work there was a message about our
    Emma! She apparently had found refuge on the carport roof of a major
    apartment complex one block away. Someone living in the complex spotted her
    and saw our fliers. When I went to get her she responded to my call but
    was reluctant to jump off of the carport roof. I had to finally pretend that I was leaving
    without her and she got the message and finally flapped her way down
    into some juniper bushes. I stuffed her in my jacket where she sat
    quietly until I got her home and back with the rest of the flock. Once
    she was home safe she started on a major clucking event telling her
    flock mates all about her big adventure out over the fence, through the
    night and high on a roof!! So I sent out a trackable is in honor of Emma’s big
    adventure and hope it will visit chickens, or chicken themed items, and have lots of
    photos taken on its adventures. Emma would love it.

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