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Souvenirs such as the Bayern, Germany souvenir pictured on the left, are virtual pieces of art that you can discover and display on your profile page, as well as on the Geocaching iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 apps.

Souvenirs are most often awarded for finding a geocache in a specific geographical location. Geocaching artists have produced more than 100 souvenirs: including one for every German and U.S. state along with each Canadian province.

Below is a list of all of the released souvenirs. Images of each souvenir can be found at the end of the post. The souvenirs are a powerful way to remember your geocaching adventure, like postcards that never get lost.  Geocaching has released all the souvenirs we’ve created. At this time no additional souvenirs are being designed.


U.S. States -

Released in the order of Statehood



New Jersey





South Carolina

New Hampshire


New York

North Carolina

Rhode Island






















West Virginia




North Dakota

South Dakota







New Mexico




Washington D.C.

German States -

Released in alphabetical order


















Canadian Provinces -



Nova Scotia

New Brunswick


Northwest Territories

British Columbia

Prince Edward Island




Newfoundland & Labrador


Other Countries -

Česká Republika

Slovenska Republika


Rzeczpospolita Polska

Special -

Geocaching HQ Souvenir

Lost & Found Celebration


Original Cache Location

Project APE Cache


GeoCrush Visual Arts

GeoCrush Books & Music

GeoCrush Dance

GeoCrush Theater

International Geocaching Day

International Geocaching Day 2011

Leap Year Souvenir

Leap Day 2012 Souvenir

Worldwide Flash Mob 2012

Worldwide Flash Mob 2012

International Geocaching Day 2012

International Geocaching Day 2012


12-12-12 Souvenir

  • orchideee

    What about ITALY?? Is a large holiday land!!!

  • Nathan Russell

    How about one for Gibraltar, a very unique location!

  • rangerricksclan

    I have been waiting so long for some. Thank you.
    I have a question about the us state ones. Why go to the work to make them so beautiful when nobody will see them? The pic on my profile is just plain like it has always been. The other ones are nice.

  • Tim

    Do you anticipate having one for Belgium anytime soon?

  • Jbean2921

    How about souvenirs at the various cruise ports?? Every cruise I take, I plan at least one cache per country to add to my map. A souvenir would be the icing on the cake!! Thanks

  • Eric Schudiske

    Hi Rick – if you click on the thumbnail image, the larger image will appear! Happy geocaching, Eric

  • Pinkmonkey2

    I was recently on a cruise and was disappointed when I did not get a souvenir for each of the ports. I do like the ones I do have though.

  • Orrigo

    Please create a souvenir for Romania.

  • AttackPoint

    Why is there not a souvenir for Earth Day?

  • maxb on the river

    Just looking over all the beautiful artwork for each of the US dates. We completed all 50 states in 2007 and enjoyed seeing the state souvenirs. However our profile still shows the original artwork of the state shape and inititals. When we will get those changed to the new souvenirs?

  • tm1sskdmac

    Why not make the souvenir icon a thumbnail of the artwork so you know what they artwork looks like. I have been collecting the various state souvenirs for a while now and only just now found out that they were more than the uniform icon with the states initials. I thought that was the souvenir! The icon should be a thumbnail of the artwork!

  • LasVegasBones

    Is there a souvenir for The Falkland Islands, or Chile or Argentina? I don’t see any.

  • Erin Howarth

    I didn’t know that the icons weren’t the souveniers. I just sort of accidently found this page today, while looking for something else.

  • Erin Howarth

    I love this idea. It’s one of my favorite things about foursquare. :)

  • Pacobobo

    It would be nice to have all the countries of the world. I have been in Indonesia and Croatia, but there is no souvenir of…:-(

  • Ron Ricks

    True, but looking at someones collection, I am not going to take the time to click on the thumbnails to see the photos. I don’t even take the time to click on my own. I just wonder why the thumbnail is not the same as the design itself like my others are. BTW, I just returned from caching/vacation in China. Do I understand it right that there are not more souvenirs made or given? So disappointing as I tried to hit each area I was in…

  • TeamDan327

    How come there is no souvenir for 11-11-11 but there is one for 10-10-10 and 12-12-12?

  • CCs

    I just noticed that I haven’t been awarded the WWFM-X souvenir yet, but others who attended did. How do I fix this? Thx, Caching Corbs

  • Diana1986

    What about Turkey?

  • Pongo und Göttin

    Wir haben schon einige Caches in der Schweiz, in Liechtenstein, in Italien und in Slowenien gemacht, dafür aber kein Souvenier bekommen :(

    Kann uns jemand sagen, was wir tun sollen?
    Pongo und Göttin

  • geochanceman

    Maxb, just click on the original icon and it will show you the souvenir picture.

  • Heidi

    Is there a way to display the souvenirs in a map version instead of icons? For example: I would like to see which states I have souvenirs for by looking at a map of the united states and not scrolling through the list of souvenir icons.

  • kwbts124

    Headin’ to China summer of 2014 – any chance there will be souvenirs by then?

  • pt-oside

    CHINA souvenir???

  • RoxieMama

    How come my state souvenirs aren’t colorful like the ones displayed here? These ones are really nice.

  • JMc

    Is there not a Russian souvenir? I worked hard to get a cache in St. Petersburg, as I had only a few minutes free to do it, and then no souvenir. Awwww.

  • heidiseeki

    Re 31 Days of Geocaching. Is there a reason why I did not get the souvenir for the 2nd. I found caches on this day. I have the 1st and 3rd

  • tjfaivre

    you may want to check to see what day that cache logged, i had an issue between days 3 and 4, where the cache i logged on the 3rd did not post until the 4th for some reason.. I just had to go in and edit the post.

  • Heidiseeki

    Thanks for the reply. Re the missing souvenirs, I have checked my logged dates and have at least one for each date (1st to 7th at this stage). I have only received souvenirs for the 1st, 3rd and 5th. (odd ???) Mt daughter was missing one and relogged he find and it worked. I have tried that and it did not work. Puzzled !!!!!

  • Heidiseeki

    My comments re missing souvenirs was based on what I had received on my phone, which was as indicated. Tonight I looked at ‘souvenirs’ on the geocaching website and they are all there. Very sorry to put you to this unnecessary trouble. Kind Regards ….. Max

  • Littlepups

    Please design one for the TRNC Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus as we are trying hard to promote Geocaching on the island of Cyprus

  • clemmsi

    What about turkey , we cached during our hollidays in turkey, looking forward to a special one from holliday….

  • Brian D. Stahly

    Is there a way to “remove” a souvenir if it was accidentally claimed? What about a souvenir that is generated by a older traveling cache that was found in one state but continues to generate souvenirs for states in which it wasn’t actually found?

  • dnnyedy

    Are there any souvenirs for Mexico? I cached there in March.

  • teamnsimon

    Will the Bahamas ever get a souvenir?

  • Louwrens de Wolff

    Is There a souvenir for Belgium (België) (Lanaken) ???

  • DorsetJohn

    It seems to me that North America has gained the lion’s share of artwork, followed by Germany – which isn’t equitable for the rest of the caching world – for that matter, the list is also incomplete, as I have GC granted souvenirs from both France and Spain – neither of which appear in the list above!! There should be a concerted effort to produce country based souvenirs initially and then, once those have been launched, subdivision for states or provinces could be considered. I only realized that there was such a disparity of provision when I had found caches in both Italy and Andorra recently – when nothing to confirm this was forthcoming, I realized that there were large areas of the World that didn’t register on the GC list!!!
    Shame on you GC – this is a World-wide hobby – how about correcting this ‘Big State’ bias forthwith???

  • Thomas Hassett

    I have cached in states/countries that are suposed to have souvenirs displayed, but not on my profile.
    We have GC942 – Colorado found 8/28/2007
    GCM6EC & GCM9CJ – Hawaii found 1/25/2006
    GC1HKRR – Greece found 6/5/2009
    Who can I contact about these missing souvenirs?
    Tom n Chris

  • Chris

    The holiday country Italien and the Island (like Elba Corsica…) would be nice.

  • Laura

    can you create one for puerto rico?

  • Kharol

    Wow, it’s really a shame that most countries are missing. For example I’d really loved to see a “China” souvenir after logging my first cache in China..

  • Chris Rasmussen

    There should be one for Cambodia as there are a few caches scattered around the temples of Angkor. Someone on the forums submitted a souvenir for consideration a while ago, too. If each of the U.S. states get one, I’m of the opinion that each country containing caches should have one, at least.

  • claire

    What happened to the souvenir for Earthcache Day 2012 (and 2013) ? Forgot about last years until today. I know some souvenirs are added at a later date, as stated. But not got last years yet.

  • Angela

    Why not a souvenir for each country in the world? It would be so great if everytime you travel to a new country, you would obtain a souvenir! I think souvenirs for states in the countries are not really necessary (maybe only for the really big countries, like US or Australia), but at least one souvenir per country would be great!

  • ralleontherocks

    what about TURKEY?

  • Christine Williamson

    It would be great to have one for each region in France, like Burgundy, Bordeaux, and so on.

  • Glade-iators

    Is there a one for Mexico?

  • Megan

    They should make something for the number of geocaching u find. like your 100th find or whatever benchmark

  • Skaranko

    I agree, first create one for each country! Once that is accomplished, you can start thinking “what next”.

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